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According to Laurance Shahlaei’s official website he stands 6′ 2″ tall and weighs 140kg, but more importantly he’s England’s Strongest Man 2009 and the 9th Strongest Man in the World as of World’s Strongest Man 2009. Laurence was kind enough to take the time answer a few questions, and here is what he had to say.

Laurence winning the Squat Lift in his WSM heat

Did you watch World’s Strongest Man as a child and who were your favourites?

Yes I did. I have been a huge fan of WSM (World’s Strongest Man) since I was very young. Back then my favourites were Gerrit Badenhorst and Magnus Samuelsson

How did you get into the world of Strongman?

After watching BSM (Britain’s Strongest Man) and WSM in 2004 I got the bug and decided that’s what I want to do so I joined a gym in the January 05 and entered my first comp in the summer.

Can you remember your first Strongman competition and how did you do?

Yes, it was a novice contest with over 30 athletes taking part. I came 8th and was happy with my performance. I had never done any strongman events before the show.

How did it feel to just miss out on the World’s Strongest Man 2008 when you came 3rd in your heat?

I was a little down but it was good for me not to make the final first time as I was much more motivated to improve for 2009.

You won England’s Strongest Man 2009 – was that a tough competition for you and what was it like to be crowned champion?

This was a great win for me as I won by a large margin over some of the best guys in the UK but it was a little disappointing because Terry Hollands and Mark Felix didn’t compete so until we have all the top guys in one contest we won’t know who is the best.

In your heat of the World’s Strongest Man 2009 you dominated to win very easily – what was going through your mind when you saw just how much better you performed than the other 5 guys?

At WSM 08 I told myself to just focus on one event at a time and that’s what I have been doing ever since so I didn’t try to think of how great I was doing. At this level if you start thinking your great you can get lazy and the guys are so good you can go from 1st to last very quickly. My goal was always to place high on the first 4events as they were good events for me and I knew I needed to perform well on them to make the final.

You came 9th in your first World’s Strongest Man final in Malta in 2009, how do you think you did and where could you have done better?

To be top 10 in the world is fantastic but it’s still 8 places lower than my goal so as much as enjoyed it there is still lots of work to do. I need to really improve throwing, stones and my over head to beat the top guys as these are events I am dropping a lot of points on.

You have improved probably more than any other Strongman on the circuit in the last 12 months, can we expect the same progression in the next 12 months and what are your goals for the future?

Thank you. As long as I don’t get any bad injuries I will keep improving for a few years yet. My ultimate goal is to win WSM. I would also love to compete in the Arnolds.

Who in your opinion is the greatest Strongman of all time?

Mariusz Pudzianowski. He took the sport to a new level and he has won WSM more times than anyone else.

Thanks for your time and congratulations on a great performance at World’s Strongest Man 2009.

Thanks 🙂

Big thanks to Laurence once again, and for more information you can visit biglozstrongman.com – the home of Laurence Shahlaei, future World’s Strongest Man?

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