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Heat 5 saw UK’s own Rob Frampton, originally just a reserve, take the place of Johannes Arsjo and become part of the last group of 6 athletes vying for qualification to this year’s final.

Rob Frampton
Jason Bergmann
Mikhail Koklyaev
Dave Ostlund
Christian Savoie
Mark Westaby

Speaking of Westaby, he’s the oldest man in the competition at 45, not Nick Best as I stated in my previous blog post. We kick things off with the Medley, where returning Jason Bergmann won the first of 2 races. I have to admit then when I predicted Koklyaev and Ostlund to qualify I forgot all about Bergmann. This is a man who came 9th in 2008 but because of his absence last year he slipped my mind! Terrible when you consider I have no problem recalling the battles between Geoff Capes and Jon Pall Sigmarsson from 25 years ago!

Ostlund wins as Koklyaev fades

In the second race Koklyaev started off very fast and looked like a clear winner, but 2 flips from the end he tired badly, enough to let Ostlund and Westaby pass him. Ostlund’s time was enough to win this first event, while Bermann was beaten into 3rd by 2nd place Bergmann.

Medley Results

In the Squat Lift it was the two Englishmen, Frampton and Westaby, who led the way early on, managing 8 lifts each.

Bergmann destroys the competition

Then came the turn of Jason Bergmann, and with blood streaming from his nose, he achieved an amazing 12 lifts, which was more than anyone had done in all 5 heats. Koklyaev followed Bergmann and stopped at 9 lifts – this was enough to secure 2nd place, as 12 or 13 was obvioulsy just too much for him so there was no point wating energy even trying.

Squat Lift Results

Doe to Ostlund only managing 2 lifts and coming last, Bergmann was clearly out in front with 3 comptitors battling for that elusive second place.

Standingas after the Squat Lift

The Africa Stone proved very diffuclt for some and Koklyaev almost ended his competitrin prematurely when he fell backwards and the huge stne almost landed on him, but lucily he was ok. Westaby and Bergmann were as close as 10cm apart, with Bergmann edging ahead by that snmallest of margins.

Savoie wins, in spite of his bad grip

As can be seen in the photo above, Christian Savoie had the kind of grip that you usually see with people who don’t get very far down the course, so you can imagine my surprise when he went on to win! It really was a remarkable performance, and a show of super-human strength and determination to go that far with no inter-linked fingers.

Africa Stones Results

Noy much changed on the leaderboard, Bergmann was still way out in the lead and Westaby was second, and looking like he may be in with a chance fo qualifying for his first final.

Standings after the Africa Stone

The Metal Block Press was the 4th event and saw Dave Ostlund stand out from the rest of the field as he cleared the first 3 very quickly, but then couldn’t manage the World Record breaking 150 KG 4th block.

Koklyaev struggles with block 4

We then saw Koklyaev beat Ostlund’s time as he lifted the first 3 block with relatrive ease, and it looked like he was going to break the World Record but he just couldn’t lock his arms and almost dropped it on his head! Unfortunately this event is not planned for the final so the World Record will stand for a while longer.

Metal Block Press Results

Koklyaev’s win saw him rise to2nd place and realise some of that championship potential that many of us have been talking about. Poor Mark Westaby suddently found himself in 4th place and a place in the final was slipping away.

Standings after the Metal Block Press

The Deadlift Hold saw Rob Frampton hold up that huge car for 1 minute and 14 seconds which in Heat 4 would have seen him beat Zydrunas Savickas.

Jason 'Superman' Bermann

What we then saw from Jason Bergmann was one of the most amazing feats of strenth that I have ever seen, as he held onto that car for a massive 1 minute and 27 seconds, almost 10 seconds more than his nearest rival Koklyaev, a damn good time in itself.

Deadlift Hold Results

Bergmann had now qualfied for the final and unless Ostlund had a miracle up his sleeve, it looked like Koklyaev was going to join him.

Standings after the Deadlift Hold

So, onto the last event, and to see who would make it through to the final with Jason Bergmann.

Koklyaev v Ostlund

Ostlund won, but Koklyaev came in a very close second place. With Westaby and Savoie alos getting all 4 barrells up this was probably the best performance of any group in the Loading Race of all 5 of these heats.

Loading Race Results

Though Ostlund won the event, it wasn’t enough for him to get 2nd place and Koklyaev still managed to beat him by 2 points and join Bergmann in the final of World’s Strongest Man 2010. Though Westaby and Frampton only came in 4th and 6th respectively, they both gave it everything and proved they deserved to be competing with the World’s elite.

Final Standings

So that’s all the heats over – next stop is the final and we crown the 2010 World’s Strongest Man.


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