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As we reported last month, Magnus Samuelsson was all set to compete in his first World Rally Championship, at his home Rally Sweden event. The 1998 World’s Strongest Man has long been a rally fan and has competed in a few lesser events, but never but before at the sport’s highest level.

This first video, that I don’t understand as it’s in Swedish – translation would be much appreciated, is of Magnus Samuelsson training for Rally Sweden.

The following video is titled Magnus Samuelsson/Rally Sweden – service efter SS4 which I know is the 4th stage of Rally Sweden which took place on Friday 12th February.

To see more videos of Magnus competing in Rally Sweden then check out Eljasmotorsport’s Youtube Channel – which in Google Translates own words are: Elof Racing is the team behind the strong man Magnus Samuelsson’s venture at Rally Sweden 2010.

Magnus came ended up 36th at the Rally’s completion yesterday, which was 1 place ahead of the Team Telegraph effort which was led by Tom Cary and Tony Jardine. Tom wrote about seeing Magnus Samuelsson, the man who became the biggest rival:

I didn’t think we would be able to find anybody stronger down in our section of the field than Kimi Raikkonen but I was wrong. Tony and I have been wrestling all day out in Sweden with a veritable man mountain who stands 2metres tall and weighs in at 136kgs: Magnus Samuelsson, formerly World’s Strongest Man (1998), is a Swedish institution and a part-time rally man.

Tony and I had noticed this behemoth around in the Service Park and at re-grouping etc. We had become intimately acquainted with the back of his Subaru Impreza when we nearly went into the back of him at Lickenas on Friday (although generally he is a bit quicker than us so I think he must have had a technical problem at the time). And all day today Magnus’ was the car right in front of us.

You can the rest of the article here and they also mention him again here.

Magnus is missed in World’s Strongest Man, but it’s good to see he’s having fun and success in the rallying world – there gain is our loss. His official website can be found at magnus-samuelsson.net, though good luck if you don’t speak Swedish because the English part hasn’t been translated in a few years. Maybe if we can persuade him that there are lots of English speaking fans of his out then he’ll update it in English more often.


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So this is it, the 5th and final heat which will determine the last 2 competitors who will make it through to the final of The World’s Strongest Man 2009. Shown on Bravo TV in the UK on Monday 1st February and with these 6 guys vying for those 2 qualification places:

Andrus Murumets (Estonia) – 2nd in Europe’s Strongest Man 2007
Christian Savoie (Canada) – Canada’s Strongest Man 2009
Dave Ostlund (America) – 4th in World’s Strongest Man 2008
Florian Trimpl (Germany) – Germany’s Strongest Man 2009
Jarek Dymek (Poland) – Europe’s Strongest Man 2005
Terry Hollands (England) – 3rd in World’s Strongest Man 2007

I have to admit that going into this heat I was a little worried about Terry Hollands. He didn’t do very well in last year’s final and I know he’d been plagued by injury last year – had he overcome that injury and could he compete with the likes of Dave Ostlund? The first event as always was The Medley, which saw Dave Ostlund come 3rd in his mini-heat of 3, and 5th overall – not a great start.

World's Strongest Man Heat 5 - The Medley

In the photo above is Andrus Murumets winning the first event in first ever appearance in World’s Strongest Man – great effort. In second is Terry Hollands who you may notice is walking sideways – I’m almost sure that if he’d have gone backwards like the other guys he would have won. Christian Savoie came in 3rd, Florian Trimpl 4th and Jarek Dymek 6th.

The second event was the Truck Pull and one that Terry Hollands was the favourite for. He didn’t disappoint, finishing the course in just 40.50 seconds which was not only the fastest time in this heat but was fastest time of anyone in any of the heats – a Herculean effort which was proving my doubts unfounded.

Terry Hollands in the Truck Pull

Savoie, Ostlund and Murumets came in 3rd, 4th and 5th and though they were 5 seconds behind Hollands they were only within just over a second of each other. Trimpl came in 5th with a time of 57.43 seconds, leaving Dymek in last having only managed to pull the truck 16.2 meters.

After 2 events Terry Hollands was in first place with 11 points, Murumets and Savoie in 2nd with 9 points, Ostlund trailing in 4th with 6 points, Trimpl in 5th with 5 points and Dymek was in last place with just 2 points.

The 3rd event was the Dead Lift and Terry Hollands had a lot to live up to because the 3 Brits in the previous heats (Mark Felix, Darren Sadler and Laurence Shahlaei) had all won the Dead Lift in their heat.

Terry Hollands wins the Dead Lift

As you can see, Terry Hollands became the 4th Brit in this year’s World’s Strongest Man heats to win the Dead Lift and was the only man in this heat to complete all 7 reps. Murumets, Ostlund and Savoie all managed 6 reps coming in 2nd to 4th respectively, while Dymek and Trimpl managed 5 reps to come in 5th and 6th.

The 4th event saw a straight shootout between Hollands and Ostlund for the top spot, with Ostlund gaining the advantage in his favourite event, and one that he is known for being the best at. While he completed all 5 fingers Hollands stopped at 4 – knowing he was beaten and that the 4 previous guys had all only managed 4 (3 in the case of Savoie) fingers in a slower time than his, Hollands played the smart game. This is something which co-presenter Zoe Salmon put to Terry Hollands in quite a patronising way when she declared You’re quite smart, for a Strongman! I think the least said about that the better! Dymek, Murumets, Trimpl and Savoie made up the places from 3rd to 6th place.

Fingal's Fingers

After 4 events Hollands was way out in 1st place with 22 points, Murumets in 2nd with 17 points, Ostlund in 3rd with 16 points, Savoie in 4th with 15 points and Trimpl and Dymek shared 5th place with 8 points.

The 5th event was the Keg Toss which saw none of the 6 competitors get all 8 kegs over the bar. Dymek came closest with 7, with Hollands, Murumets and Ostlund sharing 2nd place with 6. Trimpl and and Savoie came in 5th and 6th with 5 and 4 kegs respectively.

Jarek Dymek poised to in the Keg Toss

After 5 events Terry Hollands had qualified for the final with Murumets and Ostlund left to fight it out for the second qualifying spot with only the Atlas Stones to go. It was Ostlund who ended up winning, with Murumets, Savoie and Hollands coming 2nd to 4th – all 4 men managed all 5 stones. Trimpl and Dymek could only manage 4 stones to come in 5th and 6th.

Dave Ostlund wins the Atlas Stones

With all 6 events completed the final table looked like this:

World's Strongest Man Heat 5 Standings

Not sure what the tiebreaker was that Ostlund won, it wasn’t shown on TV! They actually said on the broadcast that he won via track back which I assume means that because he won more events he went through. Anyway, another dominant performance from a Brit, as Terry Hollands and Dave Ostlund go through, which leaves the full line up for next week’s World’s Strongest man 2009 final looking like this:

Derek Poundstone
Louis-Philippe Jean
Zydrunas Savickas
Brian Shaw
Mariusz Pudzianowski
Phil Pfister
Laurence Shahleia
Travis Ortmayer
Terry Hollands
Dave Ostlund

That’s a pretty awesome final and there are so many guys in good form. I’d say the winner is between Poundstone, Savickas, Pudzianowski and Hollands – add in an Ortmayer recovered from flu and who knows? Excited about next week’s final? You bet, and then some!

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Yes, you did read that title correctly – 1998 World’s Strongest Man champion, Magnus Samuelsson, will be debuting at Rally Sweden in February.

After reaching a record breaking 14 World’s Strongest Man finals, Magnus announced he would retire from Strongman competitions after the World’s Strongest Man 2008. A long time rally fan, Magnus decided to take on the world’s best and enter WRC.

Magnus Samuelsson in WRC (Photo Credit wrc.com)

Interviewed over at the WRC website, Magnus had this to say:

This is a boyhood dream come true,” said Samuelsson. “Just the thought to be on the starting line in the same competition as Sebastien Loeb and the other stars is breathtaking.

“I’ve competed a lot with Folkrace, but this is obviously something completely different and new for me. I’m looking forward to getting the rally started, but before that I need to find a race-suit that will fit around my neck,” he added.

I do miss Magnus in the 2009 World’s Strongest Man, he was always such a great personality and a relentless competitor. However, I’ll be keeping an eye on his progress in WRC and hoping he’s as successful driving a car as he was carrying one!

As a parting bit of trivia, Magnus broke pro wrestler and actor Nathan Jones’s arm years ago in a professional arm-wrestling competition.

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